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Access providers

Understanding how people use apps, consume data, and puchase top-ups across different networks and modalities

The  diversity of infrastructure, regulatory, and economic environments in the Global South results in a wide range of markets for internet access. Mobile network coverage continues to improve in both scope and speed, while alternative service technologies from balloons to satellite are reaching the commercialization stage. 


Caribou Data insights allow access providers of all kinds to understand how consumers are engaging with different modalities, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and wi-fi. Unlike traditional network analyses of latency or speed, our insights provide nuanced and detailed views of actual behavior on the network. 


For example, our clients can see data consumption by app and network modality, which highlights not only spatial coverage patterns for different users (e.g., rural vs. urban), but also behavioral coping mechanisms as users try to shift data-heavy use onto wi-fi or lower-cost networks. 

Combining behavioral trends with top-up /bundle purchase history gives highly quantified insights into how different network pricing schemes or promotional bundles are being utilized, and where opportunities for underserved customer segments or use cases may lie.

For a full list of available data indicators or for more info, contact us.

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