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App developers

Granular, time-based insights into how users actually engage with their smartphones and apps on a day-to-day basis

Instead of standard app analytics like downloads, retention, or store monetization metrics, we provide detailed demographic information of users combined with their actual on-device behaviors. 


For example, instead of average app session time, we can tell you the average app session time among males ages 25-34 who consume >1GB data per month. Instead of DAU rates for an app category, we can tell you the demographic profiles of DAU who use more than 3 apps within that category. Or instead of total session frequency, we can break down session frequency per network modality (2G, 3G, 4G, wi-fi), and show data consumption as well. 

For a full list of available data indicators or for more info, contact us.

Clients use our insights to ....

See "ground truth” activity, including side-loaded apps 


In markets where users routinely use 3rd-party sources and sideload apps from friends, traditional app analytics that rely on official store stats can be highly skewed. Caribou Data provides ground truth insights directly from devices in the wild. .

Find daily patterns in app activity


Understand how your target users are managing their daily lives with minute-by-minute granularity of app session details, including patterns in app sequencing (apps used frequently together) 

Develop target user segments


Explore and define segments not just on demographic criteria such as age, gender, and income, but also using behavioral traits such as data consumption or time spent on wi-fi. Use internal metrics to find lookalike segments for growth, or explore the user profiles of key competitors to understand gaps in coverage. 

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