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Financial services 

Quantified patterns in market activity and transactions across mobile money and fintech products

The tremendous opportunities for fintech and mobile money services in emerging markets has led to fresh rounds of new ventures, innovation, and investment. But understanding how consumers actually use digital financial services (DFS) is still extremely difficult. Banks and DFS providers know their own customers, but can’t see the broader market. Surveys and other traditional research approaches rely on self-reporting, with all of its biases. 


Caribou Data offers a new way of seeing how money flows through the digital ecosystem. We use representative panels of anonymous users sharing financial data to develop quantified insights into payments, loans, savings, and other financial activity.


Combining that with our demographic data and rich behavioral insights allows our clients to evaluate new markets, pinpoint emergent behaviors, benchmark against competitors, and more. 

For a full list of available data indicators or for more info, contact us.

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