Understanding the digital lives of the next billion internet users

What we do

Caribou Data offers a new way of seeing the nuance and complexity of how people engage with digital products and services in day-to-day life. Our device-level data enables our clients to better understand how the consumers they care about get online, communicate, use apps, consume content, make financial transactions, and more.

An ethical approach with an absolute commitment to privacy

We believe data analytics can be done in an ethical manner that doesn’t exploit or expose users. Our business is built on a commitment to individual privacy, transparency in how we handle data, and fairness in how we compensate our panelists.

Our panelists are effectively anonymous—even we don’t know who they are—and we employ sophisticated differential privacy techniques to ensure that data analyses on our platform can’t potentially de-anonymize an individual. One result of our privacy-first approach is that our data is inherently GDPR-compliant.


New types of insights for today’s businesses

Caribou Data insights help a range of businesses to better understand their markets and their potential customers, providing the first cross-platform, cross-network source of digital behavioral data in emerging markets.

App developers get behavioral insights attached to key demographics like age and income, showing for example which apps tend to be used on wi-fi vs. 3G, or data consumption by time of day, or active users for a specific demographic segment

Access providers see data consumption by app/service and network modality (2G, 3G, Wi-Fi), which can be referenced to market purchase data on the most popular airtime and data bundles by demographic, creating detailed profiles of behavior and usage

Financial service providers, investors, and regulators get deep insight into financial activity, including macro trends such as provider market share, median P2P value, cash-in/cash-out ratios, and behavioral responses to new regulations and taxes




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